Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mikkat Market, Caudalie, China Glaze

Studying for part II boards has commenced officially. 'Officially' meaning I am not seeing patients every day like I used to to focus solely on studying for the boards. Studying for me usually means a lot of online shopping because I either have ADD or just have an attention span of a fish. I can never seem to concentrate for more than 15-30mins at a time. Anyway, I've been really good these past couple of months about not spending money besides on food, but I broke the streak. What can ya do. I blame NBDE.

Couple of stuff I picked up online and in real life (I physically visited the store)

1) Mikkat Market (Top: $24, Skirt: $37)

I don't usually do skirts, but I figured I can introduce a bit of change into my wardrobe and step out of my comfort zone by trying skirts instead of shorts this summer.
I've been on the hunt for a A-line leather skirt that won't break the bank, and this beige color was right on the money. I like how it's faux leather so I don't have to feel guilty about animal cruelty and of course, you can't beat the price. The top I chose because it's slightly cropped and I love the round neck and slouchiness of it. Also, I think the simple black shirt could go nicely with the skirt. We'll see.

2) Caudalie Vinosource Hydration Set $48
I picked this up because first, I had the 15% coupon for Sephora and second I've been wanting to try a serum for the longest time. I'm never crazy about my skin care routine, but I ain't getting any younger and I heard serums are basically concentrated goodness for the skin, which can only do good, right? This box from Sephora is great because the bottle on the left is what I was eyeing ($48) but they give you a bunch of other stuff as a set for the same price! I like that Caudalie does not use parabens and other junk and stresses antioxidants in its products so I'm looking forward to trying these.

3) China glaze (Sun Worshipper) $4.95 on Amazon
I was reading reviews for Coco Rocha's April Fancy box and came across this. The pop of color is insaneee I had to have it. Love the bright tangerine color, which is so perfect for upcoming summer!

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