Saturday, January 26, 2013


My very first Celine purchase. I am so so excited b/c I thought really long and hard about this. I had ordered 2 different Celine bags from California Barneys and Neimans to see them in person and choose which one I love more. Ultimately, I ended up returning both and exchanging it for a Celine mini in almond smooth leather, which I am totally obsessed with. The color is perfect and I realized that it is the color that Hilary Duff has been toting recently. The reason I wanted the Celine was after I saw Hilary Duff carry hers. I did some internet research and it had been posted that she was carrying it in Dune, which was not true. The Celine luggage that Hilary Duff carries as can be seen the photo below is the mini in almond smooth leather. 

Surprisingly, the mini is not that heavy and obviously can fit many many things in it. I usually travel light so I don't know what I would put in it, but regardless it is a great statement bag and I hope I can enjoy it for years and years to come like I have been with my Chanel flap bag. 


  1. Great Choice! I have a client who recently bought this bag is swears its the new black, she wants to wear it with everything!Lol

  2. yeah, everybody love Céline bags :) this season there were a lot of them.]

  3. what color is this